The pinnacle of the modern luxury estate.



Precision and accuracy at every touch.

From the moment you settle into the sculpted driver’s seat you’re in control. The V90 is designed from the ground up for precision and comfort. Volvo created the V90 for a world that demands versatility, without compromising elegance and sophistication. From the exterior’s clean, taut lines to the spacious, light-filled cabin, this is an estate car that combines powerful good looks with everyday practicality. Distinctly Volvo.


You’ll recognize the V90 as a Volvo from any angle. The bold lines convey solidity and strength, the details are subtle and distinctive. It’s the combination of these qualities that makes the V90 a truly modern Volvo. In the V90 every component moves with the accuracy afforded by fine engineering. It is a car that gives you control over every part of your journey.



In the V90, technology and convenience go hand in hand.

The V90 is packed with innovative technology that has one purpose: to make your life easier, and one principle: it must be easy to use. Accuracy and precision when you want it, backed up by comfort and technology to make every drive enjoyable. A big touch screen means Volvo has been able to reduce the number of buttons to a minimum, as it’s in portrait format reading scrolling maps is much easier. Run-off road Mitigation is a world-first innovation that helps to steer you back on track if the car starts to veer off the road accidentally. This is Volvo’s human-centric approach to technology – it works for you. In the V90, technology supports you without overwhelming you. From safety technology that helps to avoid collisions to the Drive-E technology that gives you instant response and a smooth ride, each of the advanced features has been engineered to improve every journey.



Enjoying more, using less.

With the perfect balance between performance and efficiency, every Volvo engine gives you on-demand power with low fuel consumption. We achieve this with Drive-E, the cutting-edge technology behind every one of our advanced petrol engines, where performance and efficiency are built in. At the heart of your V90 is a dynamic, efficient powertrain. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy our latest Drive-E technology that gives you instant response and a smooth ride. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are kept low, and our powertrains already comply with future exhaust emission legislation. Volvo’s Drive-E powertrain range includes advanced petrol engines mated to a smooth eight-speed Geartronic™ automatic gearbox available with responsive AWD all-wheel drive technology or front wheel drive. It’s Volvo’s innovative culture that enables them to create such engines. Drive-E brings together advanced technologies to give you efficiency, performance and range – and a better drive for you.



Protecting you and your passengers has always been a priority at Volvo Cars, and its latest generation of cars does more than ever to keep you safe. From preventive technology that helps you avoid collisions to protective features that cushion the impact of any collision, Volvo will never stop innovating in order to improve your safety. Your Volvo surrounds you with protective safety. The foundation for its new generation of cars is a very strong passenger compartment that uses a high percentage of ultra-high-strength (boron) steel to create a protective cage around you and your passengers.


360 Experience