VOLVO V90 Cross Country

Adventure in style

With luxuriously clean lines and impressive all-road, all-weather capabilities, the new V90 Cross Country is designed to let you do more of what you love.



Your sophisticated adventure awaits.

Ever since Volvo came up with the idea of adding go-anywhere capability to the legendary versatility of its estate cars, the Volvo Cross Country has been taking drivers further. The V90 Cross Country is a sanctuary inside where the spacious, light-filled cabin is made from the finest materials and constructed with the care and attention provided by Swedish craftsmanship. The result is a car that combines the best of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with true all-road capability.

Elegant and refined, the V90 Cross Country tells the world what it can do and where it can take you. Clean, taut lines and rugged details create a powerful look that conveys a strong sense of capability – with all the practicality of the Volvo estate built in. A car to take on more than the everyday, the V90 Cross Country is a true all-road vehicle. In bad weather, on rough roads and when conditions get tough, you can rely on it. Designed to make every experience an adventure, it is a place where you can relax in comfort.



The V90 Cross Country is packed with innovative technology, where technology enhances your journey and makes life easier with one principle: it must be easy to use.

The sophisticated chassis is built to cope with road conditions that would stop lesser vehicles and to make tackling those conditions easier for you. Intuitive Sensus technology makes life less complicated and keeps you connected with the world, while the latest Drive-E powertrains balance responsive power with class-leading efficiency. And supporting you while you are driving, Volvo’s IntelliSafe innovations make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable while helping to prevent accidents. Clean-Zone technology helps ensure a healthy interior environment and clean cabin air.




The V90 Cross Country is a true all-road vehicle, with the technology to take you further. So the limits of your adventure don’t have to defined by the limits of your car. Volvo’s sophisticated fifth-generation all-wheel-drive system keeps the V90 Cross Country moving when roads get rough or conditions deteriorate. It automatically sends the right amount of power to the wheels that need it the most, so when the road runs out you can keep going. With its increased ground clearance and large wheels, this car has the capability to take you wherever you want to go.



Volvo is a safe place to be.

Protecting you and your passengers has always been a priority at Volvo Cars, and its latest generation of cars does more than ever to keep you safe. From preventive technology IntelliSafe, including City Safety, Pilot Assist, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, Run-off road Mitigation, Driver Alert Control, BLIS™ (blind spot information) with Cross Traffic Alert, that helps you avoid collisions to protective features that cushion the impact of any collision, Volvo will never stop innovating in order to improve your safety. Your Volvo surrounds you with a range of safety technologies which makes your Volvo a safe place to be.