5 January 2020

Why should you buy a Ram pickup?

Why should you buy a Ram pickup?

If there’s one pick-up truck that has a real presence on the road, it’s the RAM. This beast of a truck is a real workhorse that’s designed to work hard and play hard in style go anywhere and do anything. However, unlike many other pick-up trucks, the RAM doesn’t compromise on comfort or in-cab luxury. They’re big, they’re powerful, and they’re versatile. So why should you buy a RAM pickup truck?

Cutting-edge tech

You don’t expect a working truck to be packed to the handrails with tech, but these days even utility trucks need some USB plug points and inbuilt navigation on entry model and a 12-inch screen which is a class leading feature on the top spec RAM. Just because you’re using this truck for work doesn’t mean you should forgo all those little luxuries you’ll find in a top-of-the-range SUV.

Front and centre on the console of the Ram 1500 is the Uconnect® 8.4 with Navigation screen. Customisable and with pinch-and-zoom technology so you can manipulate maps to suit, it’s easy and intuitive, putting control of everything from the navigation system to your Spotify tunes at your fingertips. And of course, you’ve got those all-important fast-charge USB ports to keep your personal tech topped up.

Strength and durability

The Ram has built a reputation for being an incredibly strong and durable working vehicle. The latest models are fitted with the Ram’s Active-Level Four Corner automatic load levelling, so no matter what you put in the back, the weight is evenly distributed and you can also tow with confidence. It actively lowers the vehicle once you hit the highway to cut down on drag and improve fuel efficiency.

That towing power comes from a 5.7L HEMI® V8 4X4 engine delivering 395hp and 410LB-FT torque, giving you a towing capacity maximum of over 5000kg. There are very few pick-up trucks who can even come close to those numbers, making the Ram incredibly versatile and capable of towing almost anything.

The cargo bed of the Ram 1500 has a 61.5 cubic feet capacity. Because this pick-up is designed as a working truck, the creators have made sure it can take 4x8 sheets of plywood perfectly, so whatever you want to fit in the cargo area – whether it’s sheets of plasterboard or a short block engine - will slide straight in with no fuss. The storage space inside and class unique RAM Box storage space makes the RAM Truck one of the best Trucks in the

Keeping you safe and comfortable

We don’t often think about safety when it comes to pick-up trucks, but the Ram has taken this key point very seriously indeed, packing the vehicle with safety sensors, cameras, and a cabin that has an excellent ENCAP safety rating. Additional touches include lane departure warnings and forward-collision warnings. Towing is always a problem, so the Ram gets to grips with the safety aspect of it by including Blind Spot Monitoring and Trailer Detection functions.

The RAM truck is the most luxurious truck in its class with refined interior, panoramic sunroof, interior cabin space, leather sculpted interior trims and seats that will provide you with first class exceptional drive comfort.

But what’s it like to drive?

With a V8 engine under the hood and an 8-speed automatic gearbox, driving this beast of a pick-up is surprisingly easy. It’s responsive, handles with a flick of the finger on the steering wheel, and has superb driver comfort. The cabin is spacious and comfortable and has already started to pick up awards for its sleek, elegant design. In-cabin storage is plentiful, with lots of room for tools, boots, or even the kids at the weekend!

It’s nimble and easy to manoeuvre, making it the right choice if you’re frequently visiting locations and worksites that are off the beaten track.

Put simply – if you want a pick-up that does everything you want it to do, and has a level of comfort and refinement that you’d expect from a top-of-the-range SUV rather than a working truck, the Ram is the right choice for you.

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