25 February 2021

Volvo Car UAE - Al-Futtaim’s Trading Enterprises wins the Volvo 2021 Excellence Club Competition

First entry, first victory!

Volvo Car UAE - Al-Futtaim’s Trading Enterprises wins the Volvo 2021 Excellence Club Competition

Despite 2020 being a challenging year, our journey towards business excellence did not stop. We continued exploring new ways of sustaining engagement with our customers and strengthening our connections while delivering the Volvo Brand promise and remaining true to our values at Al-Futtaim’s Trading Enterprises.

We are proud to announce that our persistence, passion, and hard work have been recognised by Volvo Car Importers EMEA, with a triple win at the 2021 Excellence Club Competition.

Featuring 23 Volvo Car importers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, competing in three groups, Volvo Car UAE team was placed in Group II to compete against six countries with similar annual volumes. This is the first time that Trading Enterprises – Volvo enter the competition, which - in a year like no other - consisted of two editions: H1 2020, a special edition which highlighted best practices in overcoming challenges during COVID-19 and H2 2020, a market champion edition focusing on programs to stimulate sales activity.

Volvo Car UAE won the overall competition in its group ahead of runner up Volvo Iceland after having demonstrated a high level of adaptation to change, and commitment towards improving customer service and satisfaction during the challenging times.

Proactively responding to the pandemic, we have upscaled our customer service experience while putting safety of our team and customers as top priority. During the first few weeks of the lockdown, we adapted our operations to offer remote test drives to customers, share cars with society in need, support the UAE Government sanitization campaign, and unite our sales forces and customers in the digital world.

Supporting our customers as they bridge over uncertain COVID times, Volvo Car UAE provided continuous offer packages and convenient sales solutions which contributed largely to improving customer satisfaction at first impression. We defended market position and developed numerous alternatives of E-commerce.

While the fight against COVID-19 is still on, we will continue our business excellence journey together to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide them with continuously enhanced solutions to make their lives easier during and after the pandemic.

This achievement is a recognition for the entire Volvo Car UAE team. It is a dedication to each and every one of our heroes who contributed to this win.

Thank you, you make us proud!

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