13 August 2018

Jeep Rock Crawl

Trading Enterprises Stages The Middle East’s First Jeep Rock Crawl

Trading Enterprises, the official distributor of Jeep® in Dubai and the Northern Emirates has been out and about to demonstrate the unparalleled capability of the Jeep brand’s Wrangler, one of the world’s most recognised vehicles and a true automotive icon.

While the UAE - and indeed the whole of the Middle East - is synonymous with off-road driving in the region’s deserts, Trading Enterprises decided to do something different to highlight another aspect of the Wrangler’s off-road capability by organising the Middle East’s first ever Jeep® Rock Crawl event in the rugged terrain around Wadi Showka.

The Jeep® Rock Crawl - as the name suggests - was all about taking the all-round prowess of the legendary Jeep Wrangler onto rocky terrain - where its off-road systems are very much at home, and to provide a different perspective to off-roading that showcased the abundance of natural beauty that lies within the UAE.

Held at the end of November 2015, the inaugural Jeep Rock Crawl was the brainchild of Mohammed Maktari, Managing Director of Trading Enterprises, who explained the rationale behind the event; “While driving in the desert is a given in the UAE and a lot of our Jeep® customers are regular off-roaders who take their Jeeps out into the desert every weekend, we wanted to do something different to show off the true capability of the Jeep Wrangler, which was why we decided to put together something that added a different twist to the regular off-road scene.”

“The Jeep® Rock Crawl was specially created to showcase the Wrangler’s unique rock-crawling abilities and the terrain around Wadi Showka provided the perfect environment for this, allowing the participants to enjoy their Wranglers in a beautiful mountainous setting.”

Advances in modern automotive engineering and design mean that today’s SUV’s are more efficient, safer and capable than ever before. The level to which a driver understands the engine and chassis control systems on their car not only helps make them a responsible off-road user but also ultimately increases their overall level of driving satisfaction as well, and it is the thoroughbred nature of the driving experience, which distinguishes a Jeep®.

The Jeep® Rock Crawl event aimed to build on the principles of driving capability and driving enjoyment by providing a formal, yet fun, environment for Jeep Wrangler owners and enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to gain a more complete understanding of the off-road performance, chassis dynamics and myriad levels of modification attributes which differentiate a Jeep® from other vehicles.

“The Jeep® Rock Crawl identified two core themes that run through each participant’s experience - learning and choice. Learning more about the capability of their car and their driving, but also learning about the freedom that a Jeep® affords so that they can make informed choices to get the best off-road experience. Giving every Jeep® customer a thorough understanding of the infinite possibilities that it provides in terms of off-road enjoyment will endorse their decision to buy what is widely acknowledged as the best off-road vehicle in the world,” added Maktari.

The event included a variety of track configurations and surface conditions - rock and gravel - on which the true potential of the Jeep Wrangler could be judged, together -  

with the performance level of drivers themselves. A total of 20 participants took part in this inaugural event and at the end of the day all had discovered new facets of the deep-rooted off-road prowess of the Jeep Wrangler.

The track was designed to allow it to be split into two separate areas that were used independently of each other but were connected together to form a longer handling circuit. This mixture of rugged terrain allowed the participants to traverse steep inclines, dipping ditches and tight corners along with big rocky boulder obstacles in demanding track conditions and through a variety of different situations.

The emphasis was definitely not on speed - as the title of the event suggested - the route was traversed at a crawl, using all the dynamic cappabilities of the Wranglers proven 4x4 systems.

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