DODGE NEON The 2017 Dodge Neon come standard with bragging rights unlike its competitors. Its a car that makes category cars nervous
Performance that is more than just speed with 5 hwy kpl, 110 horsepower, 152 nm of pure torque,and united with a 6-speed automatic transmission.
The engine attacks the tarmac with relentless ferocity; delivering best in class acceleration.
With low emissions, and first-rate noise, vibrationand harshness (nvh) control, the neon keeps alow profile until it’s ready to pounce.
Adding responsive steering, and macpherson shocks in the front and rear suspension, the neon’s power has beenharnessed for a completely controlled, and confident ride.
ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL Features such as Electronic Stability Control that assist drivers in maintaining control of their vehicles during extreme steering maneuvers , Four Wheel Anti- Lock breaks to monitors each wheel individually as well as steering wheel angel in order to maximize control under emergency breaking situation.
AIR BAGS A second safety feature is Air Bags: its been amply demonstrated that there is no better supplemental restraint system in a collision than the Air bags. Every Neon sold in the Middle East features standard advanced driver and front - passenger air bags, full - length side curtains Air bags, we well as driver and front - passenger seat side - mounted air bags.
ISOFIX SEATBELTS Since small bodies requires special protection, every Neon comes standard with two ISOFIX Latches child seat restraint systems. A fourth safety feature is Neon's Front Fog lights with cornering function to provide great illumination with a greater surface area when turning that is easy on the eyes. Features gloss black surrounds. Standard on SXT.