DODGE CHARGER The Dodge Charger brings motorists the best of both worlds. Performance and practicality meet in the shape of this rugged four-door muscle car. The diverse range of equipment levels and engine options offers something for every driver.

360 Experience

A performance-inspired electronic shifter provides a smooth transfer between gears with short throws and low shift effort and gives you visual and physical feedback on gear selection.
Electric power steering provides three driver-selectable steering modes: Normal, Comfort and Sport. Precise tuning allows you to experience optimal steering at all vehicle speeds.
Customize your drive - Take a turn for the better with your choice of precisely tuned suspension systems.
The Antilock Brake System senses and prevents wheel lockup, offering improved steering control under extreme braking or slippery conditions
MANEUVER LIKE A MASTER We’ll watch your back. The standard ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera displays the area behind your vehicle when you shift into reverse. The standard ParkSense® Rear Park Assist System alerts you of objects behind your vehicle when you’re moving in reverse.
ASSISTANCE IS AT HAND If inadequate force is applied to the brakes in response to a signal from the available Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking, Advanced Brake Assist increases brake force automatically.
SAFETY AND SECURITY IN ALMOST ANY CONDITION All-Speed Traction Control helps maintain traction and stability by applying brake pressure to slipping wheels and reducing engine power when necessary to help the tires regain traction.