Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is ideal for those who want comfort and elegance alongside a great driving experience. Perfect for families as well as business users, it can cater for a wide range of driving needs and boasts an impressive, assertive presence on the road. A variety of trim levels give you the chance to find the perfect S60 to match your own personality.


The Volvo S60 is one of the sportiest vehicles in the manufacturer’s range. The R-Design edition features Ixion aluminium wheels that sit alongside the double 90mm tailpipes for a powerful road presence. 

The Polestar edition you will find door mirror housings in a sleek shiny black, as well as the high gloss black grille that features the unique Polestar logo.


Technology in the S60 has the Adaptive Digital Display and SENSUS screen as the main points of focus. Through the Adaptive Digital Display you can select the driving mode as well as access the driver safety systems. 

The SENSUS screen provides access to the navigation system, park assist camera and DVD compatible TV. Located on the center console and controlled through the steering wheel, it gives you the freedom to use all of the technology without taking your focus away from the road.


Take your pick from a selection of petrol engines when it comes to powering the S60.

Choose from the highly efficient T5 delivering 245hp and 350Nm of torque via an 8-speed Geartronic transmission or the limited edition S60 Polestar with AWD offering 350hp and 500Nm of torque for the ultimate in everyday driveability.


A reinforced passenger compartment and energy-absorbing frontal structure means that if you are involved in a collision all occupants will be well protected. Driver and front passenger airbags also help to lower the chance of serious injury. In terms of security the Volvo alarm system is connected to the doors, hood, boot and ignition to detect any movement inside or outside the car and deter thieves.

Active safety features from Volvo center around the IntelliSafe set-up that includes the City Safety system and Driver Support Package. City Safety operates at speeds up to 50km/h by readying the brakes so they can react quicker when you apply them. If it senses that a collision is about to occur it will automatically apply the brakes, helping you to avoid accidents and injury. The Driver Support Package features a Lane Departure Warning system for highway driving, Adaptive Cruise Control and Park Assist.

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