Trading Enterprises has recently launched the Volvo Personal Service (VPS), which offers a new approach towards servicing both cars and their owners. Trading Enterprises' Mussafah Service Centre in Abu Dhabi is the first in the Middle East region to be VPS certified.

A world-first in car servicing, Volvo is the first manufacturer to take an entirely new approach to how service and repair is performed in the workshop, which results in a better and more efficient service for Volvo owners.

Mohammed Maktari, Managing Director, Trading Enterprises said "Putting the customer first is at the heart and soul of our organisation. It is part and parcel of our DNA. Volvo Personal Service offers a new approach to service both cars and our customers, making things simpler and more convenient."

Volvo's new concept is based on the lean methods that are used in modern manufacturing in order to increase efficiency and eliminate faults. With the new way of working, the workshop will be able to reduce lead times to less than half, which will also lead to more satisfied customers.

Instead of one technician working on the car, several technicians will work together as a focused team, like in a racing pit stop. In this way, the work can be completed more efficiently and always 100 per cent correct from the start. Additionally, all customers will have their own personal service technician who is dedicated to them and their car.

Anup Kumar, National After Sales Manager, Trading Enterprises said: "One of the biggest advantages of VPS is that our customers need only deal with a single technician throughout the process. VPS also gives customers the flexibility to book an appointment time that suits them and they are also aware of their exact check-in and check-out times. Their vehicle will be serviced while they wait, thereby saving them a trip back to the workshop to pick-up their vehicle.